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Staging your Home with Kenia Bustamante

I will be very happy to come by and walk through your home to give you my advice on staging your home for sale - Just call me and we’ll set it up.


I have a FENG SHUI Training Certification- 2006 Hong Kong which I love to put into practice as well.

Staging VS. Decorating: There is a difference! Staging a home to sell is actually undecorating. Staging is about strategic editing and depersonalizing to broaden the buying audience. It's about marketing a lifestyle and highlighting the best and most attractive features of your property.


Few important suggestions from me to you to start with:

Buyers create an opinion right when they enter the home – the first impression is never forgotten. Chose what to communicate to the potential buyers.



  • Lawn should be manicured and free from toys and debris. If you have a fence, be sure it is freshly painted. Also, check out your mailbox and any other metal pieces that could be freshly painted.

  • Outdoor fixtures should be looking good. Replace if they are rusted or broken.

  • Paint, paint, paint. This is the easiest upgrade. Freshly paint the exterior. If you have siding, or stucco, have it power washed.

  • Flowers are always great, especially by the entrance door.

  • Sitting outdoor areas with pillows and flower bases are always so attractive to buyers - make them picture themselves enjoying any outdoor area available!


  • Paint, paint, paint. Walls with colors neutral colors make homes look brighter and more appealing. I can give you a free consultation on the colors that sell!

  • All Clutter should be gone, especially the dirty clutter!

  • Clean your windows, so that they are sparkling clean.

  • Replace old fixtures and lamps. It's an easy trick.

  • Clean, clean, clean and make it smell like fresh linen all over.

  • Arrangement of your furniture is also important. Buyers want a sense of space. Sometimes moving a few pieces around will make a room look more spacious! I am happy to help you with my expertise in this area.

  • New sofa pillows can completely change a living room, few accents and plants placed in the correct Feng-Shui points can make your home flow and make any buyer feel at home.

  • Kitchen should be spotless with minimum or no items on countertops. Add a few flowers.

  • Invest in some beautiful and new neutral covers for your beds, new, new new, that you will be able to keep for yourself!

  • White new towels in bathrooms are a great easy upgrade.

  • Take a look at your garage and basement too, paint and rearranging can make a huge difference.

  • Do NOT show your shoes. Put all shoes in containers and away from the buyers eye.

  • Store all family photos organized in containers that you can put away.

  • Don't show your jewelry. Store all valuables away.

just by changing the color of your walls, doors and trims and adding a few deco items, you can increase the perceived value of your home. 

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