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Are you looking to rent a home in Westchester or the Hudson Valley?


Learning about towns, schools and everything one needs to know before moving? What to do first?

Although renting a home is not nearly as complicated as buying a home, it’s still important for you to have a full understanding of the rental process so that you can be prepared for what you’re likely to experience.

Get an agent to represent you! Someone that will negotiate the price for you, and that will let you know what to expect and what to look for. You need someone experienced with local knowledge.

You need to communicate all your needs, goals, and wants for your rental with your agent. This will narrow down the inventory to show you only what might actually interest you. In discussing your needs with your agent, you should consider the following: How much can you afford or want to spend? How long are you looking to rent? The basic guideline is that you should dedicate about 25-30% of your monthly gross income on your monthly rent. Is this a Company move? Are they are going to be paying the monthly rent or a portion of it?

I am an expert in the rental process. I can tell you exactly what to look for in a home when renting.

**3D tours will be available for my clients, zoom relocation tours, as well as a strict  protocol for in-person showings  and walk-through.

Renting 101

- Be prepared to have your credit records run and submit an application

- Or have a letter of employment and a bank account copy

- 1 month rent deposit and 1st month rent at contract is the norm in Westchester.

- If you are looking to rent something built before 1978 you will need to sign a lead paint disclosure if you have an agent. If you don't you should be aware of it.​

- Ask about the average utility cost and if there is gas or an oil tank.

- Check what the minimum repair payment will be on the contract

- Be aware of what's included and what's not

- Check the termination policy

- Get ready to purchase a tenant's insurance

There are many more things to look for. Get an expert to help you rent and navigate the market

Just email @ with questions, needs and wants!

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